Hello, welcome to From Orphan to High-flyer,

Denis and I decided to produce a book about his unbelievable life and to build this website in order to help shine a light on the British war effort in the Far East during the Second World War and as a tribute to all those he served with.

Over an intense period of 18 months, Denis opened up to me in an honest and deep manner about every aspect of his life, culminating in a fascinating book that takes you from an austere London orphanage, to the skies of Burma and the world, all told in Denis’ own words.

I can honestly say that Denis threw everything he had into this project and with me, discussed, worked on and green lit every stage of this process, no matter how big or small, even this website.

There were numerous stories that Denis told that I had not heard before, many of which are truly unbelievable (like waking up on a train to find a bullet on the floor and the bullet hole in the carriage just above his back), and according to him, had been locked away for decades.

It is a true honour and the greatest privilege of my life to have worked on this project with a true hero, who has overcome such adversity and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we did with writing it.

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